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Pantry in a Box, 100% American made!


We all know the hassle of where to store canning jars wether they are full or empty. All different sizes of boxes, jars rattling around and not knowing what's in all the different boxes. Pantry in a Box (PIB) has solved all those problems of chipping and breaking jars, storing and organizing, and keeping out dust, insects and other unwanted contaminates.

Pantry in a Box (PIBs) are custom made to replace all your old and falling apart canning jar boxes. The double wall construction of our PIB boxes are designed to store, stack and safely transport all your canning jars. Four Pantry in a Box (PIB)s are included in each package we ship, order as many packages as you like.

Each Pantry in a Box (PIB) contains a bottom-box, top-lid, 12 compartment partition set and also 1 Dry erasable 3X5 inch sticker. Each box holds 12 regular or wide mouth pint or quart canning jars depending on what size you order.

These boxes will last 10 years or more with normal use.


Boxes being stacked

Our boxes are double walled and we use reinforced tops. Because of this you are able to stack several boxes on top of one another, even with every box full of heavy jars of your produce, jams, etc.